The post-graduate RadNet Musculoskeletal Fellowship is designed to educate burgeoning musculoskeletal imaging specialists and to promote ongoing research in magnetic resonance imaging, as well as other musculoskeletal imaging modalities. Under the direction of RadNet Medical Director John Crues, M.D., and RadNet Medical Director for Musculoskeletal Imaging David Stoller, M.D., fellows enrolled in the one-year program are exposed to a wide range of musculoskeletal imaging cases.

What does the RadNet Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship Consist Of?

With a primary focus on magnetic resonance imaging, fellows will gain experience investigating numerous musculoskeletal conditions and injuries through a high volume of cases drawn from multiple RadNet locations. These will include studies performed on high-field 1.5T and 3T MRI machines, as well as low-field MRI machines.

For the first five months of the fellowship, participants will spend a majority of their time in a lecture series explaining the physics of musculoskeletal MRI. Throughout the course of the program, fellows will also attend weekly multidisciplinary conferences at a well-renowned orthopaedic clinic. In addition to musculoskeletal MRI, fellows will also receive guest instruction in neuroradiology, head and neck imaging, abdominal imaging, breast imaging and oncologic imaging. The program will culminate in the submission for publication of at least one peer-reviewed paper.

Former fellows of the program have investigated many topics of interest to musculoskeletal imaging specialists. This research has appeared in numerous publications and radiology text books, including Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics, Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, Spine, Skeletal Radiology and American Journal of Sports Medicine, among others. The focus of some research includes various sports-related injuries, the use of MRI in rheumatoid arthritis patients, investigation of injuries to the rotator cuff and evaluation of labral tears with arthrography.

Fellowship Publications

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